Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package
Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package


“Ranthambore National Park: Discover the Majestic Royal Bengal Tigers”

Nestled in the scenic foothills of Vindhya and Aravali Hills, Ranthambore National Park in the Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan is renowned for its abundant wildlife and lush forests. This pristine sanctuary offers a perfect amalgamation of historical heritage and captivating wildlife, making it a must-visit destination. From exploring ancient ruins to embarking on thrilling jungle safari rides, Ranthambore ensures an unforgettable and adventurous experience. Wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, and photography enthusiasts will find this park a true paradise as they immerse themselves in the beauty and excitement of this unique natural haven. Plan your visit to Ranthambore National Park for an unbeatable holiday experience.

Explore Exciting Activities in Ranthambore National Park

Bird Watching: In addition to thrilling wildlife safaris, bird watching in Ranthambore National Park offers an exceptional experience. Spotting exotic bird species around Padam Lake is an unbeatable delight for nature enthusiasts.

Tiger Trails: The highlight of Ranthambore is the exhilarating tiger safari through the dense forests. Whether on a jeep or a canter, the thrill of encountering a tiger in its natural habitat is truly amazing. Apart from Royal Bengal tigers, the park is home to various other fascinating fauna.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Another exciting activity that captivates visitors in Ranthambore is the hot air balloon ride. While this adventure can be enjoyed in several places across India, Ranthambore offers a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Shopping: Ranthambore showcases remarkable craftsmanship, which is evident in its local markets. From traditional items to block-printed fabrics and handicrafts, there are numerous souvenirs to choose from during your visit.

Best Time to Visit: Ranthambore National Park is open from October to June, with the winter months (October to March) considered the ideal time to visit. The pleasant weather during this period enhances the excitement of safaris and sightseeing. Summers can be hot and humid, but they offer higher chances of tiger sightings. The park remains closed during the monsoon season.

Plan your visit to Ranthambore National Park to indulge in these incredible activities and create unforgettable memories amidst nature’s splendor.


Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park, one of India’s three prominent tiger reserves, is a sanctuary that embraces the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, along with a diverse range of fauna and avian species. Spread across 392 square kilometers, this park boasts a captivating blend of dry and deciduous forests, providing a natural habitat across 10 distinct and enriched zones. Explore the wilderness of Ranthambore National Park, where the regal tigers reign supreme amidst a thriving ecosystem teeming with life.

Ranthambore Fort

The historic Ranthambore Fort, dating back to the glorious era of the Chauhan dynasty, stands proudly within the boundaries of Ranthambore National Park. This architectural marvel has earned its rightful place as a UNESCO World Heritage site, listed under the renowned Hill Forts of Rajasthan. Nestled amidst picturesque hills and valleys, the Ranthambore Fort offers a captivating experience for travelers seeking a perfect blend of history and natural beauty. Explore the fascinating tales of the past while immersing yourself in the scenic wonders that surround this magnificent fortress.

Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package
Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package

Surwal Lake

Surwal Lake, one of the most stunning and brackish reservoirs, is embraced by picturesque hills and lush greenery. This serene oasis attracts a plethora of bird species, as they gracefully hover around the lake, indulging in the bountiful feast of fishes. With its abundant avian population, Surwal Lake is a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts, providing an excellent opportunity to witness nature’s winged wonders in their natural habitat. Whether you seek a peaceful retreat or wish to immerse yourself in the beauty of the lakeside, Surwal Lake is the perfect destination to unwind and embrace the tranquility it offers.

Kachida Valley

Kachida Valley, a renowned tourist spot within the Ranthambore wildlife reserve, stands out as a serene and tranquil attraction on its outskirts. Whether it’s the mesmerizing sunset or the enchanting sunrise, this valley never fails to captivate visitors with its scenic vistas. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Kachida Valley, where nature unveils its splendor throughout the day. It’s the perfect destination to rejuvenate your senses and bask in the peaceful ambiance of this remarkable location.

Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package
Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package

Trinetra Ganesh Temple

Trinetra Ganesh Temple, a significant spiritual attraction in Ranthambore, draws thousands of devoted worshippers each year. Nestled within the historic Ranthambore Fort, this ancient temple mesmerizes travelers with its captivating architectural style. Experience the divine aura and immerse yourself in the sacred ambiance of Trinetra Ganesh Temple, where spirituality and architectural beauty seamlessly intertwine. Pay homage to the revered deity and witness the cultural heritage that this temple exudes.


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