Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package
Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package

Camel Festival In Bikaner and Jaisalmer

Rajasthan, a state in the Indian Sub-continent, boasts of various cultural extravaganzas and celebrations. One such celebration is the annual Camel Festival, observed with great fervor amidst the elongated stretch of sand dunes. The Camel – famously known as the “Ship of Thar Desert” – holds a significant place in the livestock of villagers living in small towns and cities in proximity to the desert. The festival involves the trading of these majestic beasts and attracts a large number of crowds from across the country, making it a must-visit destination for travelers. Visitors to Rajasthan can explore the grandeur of the state’s cultural and traditional diversity in cities such as Bikaner, Pushkar, Nagaur, and Jaisalmer. These destinations showcase the majestic beauty and magic of the region, offering an unforgettable travel experience. Experience the best Camel Festival in Bikaner and Jaisalmer included the best rajasthan Tour Packages.

More About The Camel Festival In Bikaner and Jaisalmer

Rajasthan is known for its vibrant and culturally rich festivals and fairs. These events attract tourists from around the world who come to experience the unique traditions and customs of the region. Here are some notable celebrations in Rajasthan:

Bikaner Camel Festival:

The Bikaner Camel Festival is an annual event organized by the Department of Tourism, Art, and Culture in Bikaner. Held in January, this festival pays tribute to the “ships of the desert” – camels. The festivities include captivating folk dances, thrilling camel races, and various other interesting activities. Livestock traders bring camels adorned with elaborate bridles, traditional necklaces, and ornate anklets.

Pushkar Camel Festival:

The small town of Pushkar hosts the Pushkar Camel Festival, a renowned livestock fair that draws tourists from all over the world. Taking place during the month of Kartik Purnima (usually in October or November), this fair is a hub for camel trading. Apart from the trading aspect, Pushkar is also a significant holy destination in Rajasthan.

Nagaur Fair:

Known as the second-largest fair in India, the Nagaur Cattle Fair is a major attraction for Rajasthan tourism. This grand gala takes place in the city of Nagaur and features a wide array of traditional events, including folk dances, classical music performances, competitions, and more. One remarkable aspect of this fair is the gathering of over 200,000 cattle for trade.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival:

The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is a highly popular event that takes place once a year in the magnificent Thar Desert. Domestic and international tourists flock to witness this extravaganza, held in the month of Magh (February) according to the Hindu calendar. The festival showcases a range of fun-filled competitions and activities that captivate the attention of visitors, particularly at the Sam Sand Dunes.

These celebrations provide a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan and offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the colorful festivities and traditions of the region.

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