Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package
Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package
Golden Triangle Tour Package India, Rajasthan Tour Package

Jaipur Abhaneri Same Day Tour


1 Full Day

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Day Tour



Discover the enchanting village of Abhaneri, renowned for its captivating ancient stepwell called Chand Baori. This remarkable stepwell is hailed as one of the most beautiful in India, showcasing intricate architectural beauty and historical significance. Originally built as a water reservoir to support the local community and facilitate trade, Chand Baori serves as a testament to the ingenuity of the past and the importance of water conservation. Immerse yourself in the allure of this architectural marvel and delve into the rich heritage of Abhaneri village.


  • Embark on a remarkable journey through the Jaipur Abhaneri Same Day Tour, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the region’s most captivating tourist attractions under the guidance of the expert professionals at Places to Visit in India. This convenient and comprehensive Abhaneri Tour by car begins with a pickup from a designated location in Jaipur, followed by a scenic drive of 20 kilometers to reach Abhaneri.

  • During the guided tour, you’ll have the chance to marvel at the architectural splendor of Chand Baori, also known as the Abhaneri Stepwell. This remarkable 10th-century monument showcases the intricate Rajasthani architectural expertise, with its impressive 13-story deep structure adorned with over 3,500 meticulously crafted steps.

  • Afterward, you’ll visit the Harshat Mata Temple, a historic Hindu temple that has experienced some ruins over time. Dedicated to the goddess Harshat Mata, this temple holds immense cultural and religious significance. Some scholars and historians believe that it may have originally served as a Vaishnavite shrine.

  • Once the tour is complete, you’ll be chauffeured back to Jaipur at the predetermined location, marking the end of this unforgettable experience.

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